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Dental Assistant Reviews from our Students

Dental Assistant Hired at my Dream Office

hired at my dream office

Shelby J., dental assistant from Atlanta, GA says: I was in the dental assistant class and not even a month after graduation, I have been hired at my dream office! Where do I even begin? It seems impossible to put into words how unbelievably grateful and blessed I have been to come across this program. It’s so easy for me to say I have never met anyone like Michelle and Jen. In just 13 weeks they showed me the most love, respect, encouragement, and patience that I’ve ever been treated with by any teachers of mine. The confidence that I have gained from completing this course is overwhelming and I would ONE THOUSAND PERCENT recommend this to anyone and everyone who has ever considered getting their feet wet when it comes to dentistry! The course is very fast-paced and will challenge you. These women care. These women have a passion for their jobs. It goes so much further than graduation. From help preparing your resume, to job placement. Michelle goes above and beyond when it comes to getting your career started and helping you get into an office. If you’re having any thoughts about taking this course… do it 🙂

Felt compelled to come on here once again to speak about how amazing this program was for me. Ever since graduating in June and starting my job at the end of July, my life has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. The amount of experience and all of the new things I have learned within the past 5 months is unbelievable. This career has totally changed me in so many ways. From being able to care for others and comfort patients when they need it, to the feeling of making my first temporary crown, I love what I do so much! I’ve never felt so fulfilled and proud of myself. I went from working in the food industry- constantly stressed, working long hours, weekends, holidays to now working Monday-Thursday, holidays and weekends off and I’m HAPPY. I wake up every morning excited to go to work and love what I do. Dentistry is so so awesome and I owe it all to Michelle, Mama Jen, and Dr. Soto for giving me everything I needed to do this. I hope that everyone who is considering attending this school goes for it like I did, I feel like not only did I gain an awesome career, but some lifelong friends.

Dental Assistant Jobs Before Finishing Class

Dental Assistant Jobs Before Finishing Class

“I would recommend this school to ANYONE . This school has truly changed my life for the better ! They have the best teachers, best hands on training and truly make sure we know extra steps to help us exceed in our offices. They are very flexible and go above and beyond on making learning fun.

Most of my classmates had jobs before even finishing the class! Not only did I learn SO MUCH but in such a short amount of time I found some long life best friends. This school has truly touch my heart and showed me that dental assisting was my dream career. Thank you all again!”

Kaiya M. from Atlanta, GA

Dental Assistant Amazing Job

Amazing Job

“This is an amazing dental assisting school. First off, the experience was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They support you all the way through the entire course. You can ask for help and you will always receive it. The school will give you the necessities you need to advance in the field. Michelle even helped me find an amazing job I am very grateful.”

Brittney B. from Atlanta, GA

Dental Assisting Land a Job

“I recently took the Tuesday/ Thursday class and I loved it! I also learned and practiced many dental skills which helped me not only land a job while I was in class but also gave me the confidence to perform those skills everyday. This program is the best around Georgia. Not only were the instructors very helpful and made sure that I was confident in everything they taught me.

We also got hands-on practice sitting chair-side in dental offices, one on one study sessions, and job interviews / working tips. Which taught me how to present myself professionally and which kind of office I would like to be employed in. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to gain confidence and stability.”

Trinity F., Dental Assistant from Kennesaw, GA

Ready to Be a Dental Assistant Professional

This student from the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta has great things to share and is ready to get started in a Dental Assistant Professional job! Read more…

Dental Assistant Professional

Chardai T said: “This program is truly life changing. I met Michelle and knew that this was the program for me. After a year of life financial struggles I finally enrolled and it has been the best decision that I have ever made. The amount of team work and encouragement that I received is outstanding.

Not only have I learned so much in my education but I have gained life long family and friends. I know that I am ready to be a Dental Assistant Professional! The instructors are very hands on and want you to succeed. The program flexibility allowed me to further my career and still be a mom.

I am so excited about my future. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a program that truly cares about your future.

Here I am about to graduate. So for anyone worried about finances, children or if this is the right decision for you GO FOR IT. Just because you can’t start right away don’t give up! It is totally worth it.”

If you would like to learn more about our Dental Assistant School in the Atlanta area and dental assisting jobs before graduation, please email us or give us a call  at (770) 299-4877 and we would love to help you get started.

Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto

Dental Assistant Job Before Graduation

dental assistant job before graduationThis was honestly the best decision I made for myself! Because of all the instructors’ helpful advice and knowledge I was able to have a dental assistant job before graduation!

Michelle and Jen taught me so much.

Now I’m in a satisfying new career and couldn’t be happier.

– says Lauren P.

Dental Assistant Job Skills that I Need

dental assistant job skillsThe instructors made this experience very easy-going and stress free. While in class, I was able to practice the same dental assistant job skills I would need to use in the dental field and it definitely pays off.

Overall, I am very pleased I chose the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta.

– says Dymond M.

I absolutely loved this school

loved this schoolI absolutely loved this school! I learned so much and they were so helpful in the learning process.

Everything was very hands on. Michelle and Jennifer really made sure that everyone understood what was being taught.

I would recommend anyone wanting to become a dental assistant to go to this school!

– says Jessica S.

Opportunity to Excel in Dental Assisting School!

Opportunity to ExcelWinter class of 2018! DASA was such an amazing choice for me. This class allowed me the opportunity to excel at something with so much meaning and interaction.

Michelle and Jennifer are wonderful and really care about helping the futures of each and every student in this class. With so much love for what they do, they truly show that with the students. For me I reflect from that. Thank you DASA!

– says Caitlyn C.

Super Hands-On Dental Assistant School

super hands-onThis school is great and super hands on!

The 13-weeks flew by so fast and I appreciate the opportunity.

– says Joi T.