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Dental Assistant Reviews from our Students

Ready to Be a Dental Assistant Professional

This student from the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta has great things to share and is ready to get started in a Dental Assistant Professional job! Read more…

Dental Assistant Professional

Chardai T said: “This program is truly life changing. I met Michelle and knew that this was the program for me. After a year of life financial struggles I finally enrolled and it has been the best decision that I have ever made. The amount of team work and encouragement that I received is outstanding.

Not only have I learned so much in my education but I have gained life long family and friends. I know that I am ready to be a Dental Assistant Professional! The instructors are very hands on and want you to succeed. The program flexibility allowed me to further my career and still be a mom.

I am so excited about my future. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a program that truly cares about your future.

Here I am about to graduate. So for anyone worried about finances, children or if this is the right decision for you GO FOR IT. Just because you can’t start right away don’t give up! It is totally worth it.”

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Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto

Dental Assistant Job Before Graduation

dental assistant job before graduationThis was honestly the best decision I made for myself! Because of all the instructors’ helpful advice and knowledge I was able to have a dental assistant job before graduation!

Michelle and Jen taught me so much.

Now I’m in a satisfying new career and couldn’t be happier.

– says Lauren P.

Dental Assistant Job Skills that I Need

dental assistant job skillsThe instructors made this experience very easy-going and stress free. While in class, I was able to practice the same dental assistant job skills I would need to use in the dental field and it definitely pays off.

Overall, I am very pleased I chose the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta.

– says Dymond M.

I absolutely loved this school

loved this schoolI absolutely loved this school! I learned so much and they were so helpful in the learning process.

Everything was very hands on. Michelle and Jennifer really made sure that everyone understood what was being taught.

I would recommend anyone wanting to become a dental assistant to go to this school!

– says Jessica S.

Opportunity to Excel in Dental Assisting School!

Opportunity to ExcelWinter class of 2018! DASA was such an amazing choice for me. This class allowed me the opportunity to excel at something with so much meaning and interaction.

Michelle and Jennifer are wonderful and really care about helping the futures of each and every student in this class. With so much love for what they do, they truly show that with the students. For me I reflect from that. Thank you DASA!

– says Caitlyn C.

Super Hands-On Dental Assistant School

super hands-onThis school is great and super hands on!

The 13-weeks flew by so fast and I appreciate the opportunity.

– says Joi T.

Dental Office Job after Only 3 weeks of School

dental office jobI was ready to start my career and I couldn’t be any happier that I decided to attend DASA. Michelle and Jennifer are the best instructors anyone can ask for. They are very thorough and genuinely want nothing but for their students to excel. With the knowledge and skills that I received at DASA, I was able to land a dental office job only 3 weeks into school!

I have absolutely no regrets and I highly recommend choosing DASA to jump start your dental career!

– says Rachael G.

Dental Assisting – No Regrets!

Dental Assisting No RegretsI am a graduate of this dental assisting school.

I would recommend that anyone looking to change from having just a job to having a career that they thoroughly enjoy to give this school a chance, you won’t regret it!

– says Kasey K.

New Dental Assistant Job Already Landed

new dental assistant jobI have already landed a new dental assistant job and I couldn’t be happier with this decision I’ve made.

I attended this dental school for spring 2017 & this was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Michelle was an amazing teacher and she made sure we learned all of the material.

– says Kristy L.

Dental Assistant Instructors Go the Extra Mile

Dental Assistant InstructorsLet me start off by saying that this school offers flexible times for you to attend class so if your like how I was you can still keep your full time job and come here for class 😉… Dental Assistant instructors Michelle and Kim are very sweet and go the extra mile to help you not only find a job in this field but also provide you with the tools to succeed.

I am currently an Assistant at a office and was already working as an Dental assistant the last 2 remaining weeks of class! I recommend anyone reading this review to attend it was the best 13 weeks of my 2017 so far.

– says Kelly F.