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Dental Assistant Reviews from our Students

One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

Best DecisionsDr. Soto and her team provide a fun learning environment, while training their students in all aspects of the dental field. Not only do they equip you with everything you need to become a phenomenal dental assistant, but they also instill great ethical values.

Earning my CDA at the Dental Assisting School of Atlanta, is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– says Lauren R.

I Got A Job Right Away

5-star-ginger-oThe Dental Assistant course was a great opportunity to learn a valuable skill.  I enjoyed learning the different aspects of Dental Assisting.

The course even allowed me to get some on the job training by shadowing.

I worked hard on the course and I even got a job right away, which was a big break for me.

Рsays Ginger O.,
Dental Assistant

My New Dental Assisting Job

5-star-jessica-lThis school really prepared me for my new dental assisting job that I got at graduation. I am so glad I was able to train here because of the one on one experience from people who have been in the dental field for years. I was given a realistic expectation about what I would experience going into a dental assisting career and so far it has been very rewarding. I would sincerely recommend this school to anyone who is considering a new career change. I am very thankful to the staff for their help and professional feedback while training. The payment plans are also very flexible!

– says Jessica L., Dental Assistant

I Was Able to Get Hands on Experience Almost Every Day

5-star-katieAttending The Dental Assistant School of Atlanta was a great way to jump start my career in Dental Assisting.

I was able to get hands on experience almost every day from the amazing staff of Endodontics Associates.

The knowledge I gained in just 3 short months will help guide me through my career in the future.

– Katie,
Dental Assistant