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Dentist Assistant School of Atlanta

Dental Assistant Reviews from our Students

Dental Assistant Hiring a Week After Graduation

Dental Assistant HiringAttending the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only were the students great, but the instructors were as well. Michelle and Jennifer were “hands on” instructors which helped me to learn even better. This led to my dental assistant hiring.

Not even a week after I had graduated, I had already gotten hired at a dental office! Do not hesitate… this is the school for anyone ready to start an amazing career!

– says Jessica S.

Dental Assistant Position 3-Weeks Before Graduation

Dental Assistant PositionSuch a fun course with awesome, knowledgeable instructors that would go above and beyond for each student. I could go to them with any question or concern and trust that they would do anything in their power to prepare me for my new career. There are things Michelle and Jennifer took the time to teach us that we wouldn’t have learned if we’d gone to a different school.

I ended up landing a position at a wonderful practice three weeks before graduation and I absolutely love what I do.

– says Amanda G.

Dental Assistant Job before Graduation

Dental Assistant JobThis school is great! Dr. Soto, Michelle and Jennifer are such amazing instructors. They teach everything you need to know to feel prepared to enter the work force. I was offered a job before I had even graduated!

The hours of classroom time is perfect for people who want to have a career but currently work a full-time job, and payment plans are provided as well. 13-weeks flies by! The small class size offers a more intimate/one on one type feel and not to mention, by the end of the program I had built friendly relationships with everyone in my class. I’m so happy I chose this school!

– says Hannah T., Dental Assistant

Dental Assisting Job Directly after School

Dental Assisting JobI could not think of a better school to go to for learning the dental assistant trade than Dental Assistant School of Atlanta. Dr. Soto, Lead instructor Michelle Barton and their staff are top notch! They give the knowledge and training needed to be successful in this field. I did a lot of research on other schools and this school has it!

Because of their training, I was able to start a new career directly after school. Thank you all so much!!!

– says Phillip B., Dental Assistant

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One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

Best DecisionsDr. Soto and her team provide a fun learning environment, while training their students in all aspects of the dental field. Not only do they equip you with everything you need to become a phenomenal dental assistant, but they also instill great ethical values.

Earning my CDA at the Dental Assisting School of Atlanta, is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– says Lauren R.

I Got A Job Right Away

5-star-ginger-oThe Dental Assistant course was a great opportunity to learn a valuable skill.  I enjoyed learning the different aspects of Dental Assisting.

The course even allowed me to get some on the job training by shadowing.

I worked hard on the course and I even got a job right away, which was a big break for me.

– says Ginger O.,
Dental Assistant

My New Dental Assisting Job

5-star-jessica-lThis school really prepared me for my new dental assisting job that I got at graduation. I am so glad I was able to train here because of the one on one experience from people who have been in the dental field for years. I was given a realistic expectation about what I would experience going into a dental assisting career and so far it has been very rewarding. I would sincerely recommend this school to anyone who is considering a new career change. I am very thankful to the staff for their help and professional feedback while training. The payment plans are also very flexible!

– says Jessica L., Dental Assistant

I Was Able to Get Hands on Experience Almost Every Day

5-star-katieAttending The Dental Assistant School of Atlanta was a great way to jump start my career in Dental Assisting.

I was able to get hands on experience almost every day from the amazing staff of Endodontics Associates.

The knowledge I gained in just 3 short months will help guide me through my career in the future.

– Katie,
Dental Assistant