Try a New Journey

What do we expect of our students at DASA? First and foremost, A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! We believe that you find what you are looking for in life. For those looking for a change and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that change – those are the ones who assistant classes

Our students are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn. Our classes are direct and straight to the point, no messing around! We couldn’t be happier with our current group of students, they are all exceptional!

dental assistant school

We know that hard works pays off. We understand that some hesitation may play a part in making the choice to become a  professional. However, our students help and learn from each other – so why not join our program t?

If you would like to learn more about DASA, please email us or give us a call  at (770) 299-4877 and we would love to help you get started.

Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto