Dental Assistant Education for a Fresh Start!

At the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta we teach, show, and give you hands on practice of ideal situations in different dental procedures and jobs that a dental assistant does. Our dental assisting education success rate is a standing affirmation of our teachers experience, credentials and ability to push the students to their greatest potential.

dental assisting education

Our students are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn the language of dental assisting. A dental assistant student realizes quickly that what they learn in class will vary from office to office, so it’s important to always remain positive with a willingness to adapt quickly to different protocols, a necessary requirement of all dental assistants!

If you would like to learn more about our Dental Assistant School in the Atlanta area, please email us or give us a call  at (770) 299-4877 and we would love to help you get started.

Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto