Dental Assisting – Helping With Patient Care

For many people, visiting their dentist regularly doesn’t happen regularly. Often, people wait to see their dentist until they have dental issues that need to be addressed immediately. They will wait until they have a nagging tooth pain or notice a flaw that is badly affecting the appearance of their teeth, before they consider visiting the dentist. A dental assistant helps remind patients that they should visit the dentist regularly. Dental assisting is a profession with much demand and on the rise.

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Make It A Habit

Dentist assisting professionals strongly encourage everyone to visit the dentist regularly. They recommended a visit every six months – that is sufficient time for the dental assistant to examine your oral health, to determine if you are following the right oral car habits at home and if they are producing positive results, and if there are any improvements needed to your dental care program.

Dental assistants help during patients regular dental visits, including the following procedures that occur during visits that benefit the health of patient’s gums and teeth.

General Examination For Oral Health

During a patient visit, the dental assisting professional aides in the general dental examination. The first part includes a general examination of the patient’s neck and head; this is meant to check for anything that could appear to be out of the ordinary. The neck, face, lower jaw joints and lymph nodes would be the focus of this basic exam.

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A Clinical Dental Examination

The next step here is to examine and assess the condition of the patients gums and teeth. Here, the dental assisting specialist and the dentist are going to look at the gums, tongue, and the inside of the mouth for any probable disease. Next would be to check the patients teeth – to see if there are any broken or loose teeth or visual signs of tooth decay, and to check the contact between the teeth and if the patient can bite properly.

Cleaning Session

The last part of a dental visit that includes dental assisting is the cleaning of the patient’s teeth, gums and mouth. Plaque and tartar will be removed, floss will be used between the teeth and polishing and whitening of your teeth will also be performed.

After all the above steps have been performed, the dentist and/or the assitant usually talks to the patient about the health of gums and teeth and provides recommendations on home teeth care during the next six months before the next visit. By following the recommendations of the dental assisting professional, the patient can ensure great oral health.

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Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto