Dental Assistant Hired at my Dream Office

hired at my dream office

Shelby J., dental assistant from Atlanta, GA says: I was in the dental assistant class and not even a month after graduation, I have been hired at my dream office! Where do I even begin? It seems impossible to put into words how unbelievably grateful and blessed I have been to come across this program. It’s so easy for me to say I have never met anyone like Michelle and Jen. In just 13 weeks they showed me the most love, respect, encouragement, and patience that I’ve ever been treated with by any teachers of mine. The confidence that I have gained from completing this course is overwhelming and I would ONE THOUSAND PERCENT recommend this to anyone and everyone who has ever considered getting their feet wet when it comes to dentistry! The course is very fast-paced and will challenge you. These women care. These women have a passion for their jobs. It goes so much further than graduation. From help preparing your resume, to job placement. Michelle goes above and beyond when it comes to getting your career started and helping you get into an office. If you’re having any thoughts about taking this course… do it :)

Felt compelled to come on here once again to speak about how amazing this program was for me. Ever since graduating in June and starting my job at the end of July, my life has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. The amount of experience and all of the new things I have learned within the past 5 months is unbelievable. This career has totally changed me in so many ways. From being able to care for others and comfort patients when they need it, to the feeling of making my first temporary crown, I love what I do so much! I’ve never felt so fulfilled and proud of myself. I went from working in the food industry- constantly stressed, working long hours, weekends, holidays to now working Monday-Thursday, holidays and weekends off and I’m HAPPY. I wake up every morning excited to go to work and love what I do. Dentistry is so so awesome and I owe it all to Michelle, Mama Jen, and Dr. Soto for giving me everything I needed to do this. I hope that everyone who is considering attending this school goes for it like I did, I feel like not only did I gain an awesome career, but some lifelong friends.