Time for a New Career

Is it time for a new career? Here is what some of our students have to stay about the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta curriculum.5-star-katie

“I got a job right away, which was a big break for me! The Dental Assistant course was a great opportunity to learn a valuable skill. I enjoyed learning the different aspects of Dental Assisting. I worked hard on the course and it even allowed me to get some on the job training by shadowing.”

– Ginger O., Dental Assistant

“Attending the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta was a great way to jump start my career in dental assisting. I was able to get hands on experience almost every day from the amazing staff. The knowledge I gained in just 3 short months will help guide me through my career in the future.”

– Katie, Dental Assistant

“This school really prepared me for my new dental assisting job that I got at gr
aduation. I am so glad I was able to train here because of the one-on-one experience from people who have been in the dental field for years. I was given a realistic expectation about what I would experience going into a dental assisting career and so far it has been 5-star-jessica-lvery rewarding. I would sincerely recommend this school to anyone.”

– Jessica L., Dental Assistant

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Dr. Damaries Candelario-Soto